April 17, 2012

3D Quilling: Sad Dragon

Stumbling upon this page on the Creative Quilled Creations site, I was immediately inspired to make this little sad dragon.

Getting his tail to curl a little proved to be a little difficult, but we got there in the end. Making the arm and leg caps ended up being a great idea, as it made it a little easier to attach them to the body and gives him a more finished off look.

I think he'd make a great friend to Jen's unicorns, horses and zebras.

Dragon frontDragon back

Sad dragon sits at 4.5 cm (1.8in) tall. His body, tail, and legs are made from 6mm strips, while his spines, front legs and caps are made using 3 mm strips. 

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  1. Your dragon is wonderful! I love the colors and his sad face. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad my unicorn inspired you. I really enjoy making 3D quilling too.

  2. adorable....lovely details...