April 11, 2012

3D Quilling: In the Beginning...

In the middle of 2011, the words 'Quilling', 'Filigree' or 'Paper Miniatures' were totally unknown to me. Although I had seen and admired cards that had been transformed with curled flowers and other beautiful shapes, I had never known there was a dedicated art behind it. Considering myself a less then creative person at the time, I would appreciate the quilled cards with a 'wow, that's impressive, but I could never do anything like that'- and move on to my next thought. I did however, have a love of paper: the colours, the textures, the versatility and always had always had a stash of paper hanging about. The problem was I never really had a clear goal as to what I could do with it all.

Then, everything changed.
I stumbled upon this great book: Twirled Paper by Jacqueline Lee.  A fantastic beginners guide to the basic quilling shapes and possibilities of paper.   Not being in an area where quilling strips or tools are readily supplied, I had to improvise. Cutting my own strips (badly) in my hurry to get started, and splitting a toothpick to use as a tool- I began curling paper.
Once a few of the cutest projects had been made (with various levels of success), I started building on the shapes. Pushing, poking, and squeezing the paper into 3D forms, little characters with personalities began to emerge. I was hooked! 
Here are my very first quilled 3D miniatures - with all their lopsidedness.

A few quick searches on the Internet lead me to this site : Mannayah
So I gave one of her girls a go.... Nowhere near as fantastic, but...a start.

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  1. That is by FAR my favorite quilling book!

  2. Hello, i just found your blog a little bit ago and ive looked at every single one of your quilled projects you have up sp far! They are all phenomenal, I like your modern style. I have never seen a quiller with your type of style before. You must already know who I am, though, cause you have my blog listed on your blog's list. Thanks! It is nice to see that your dedicated, with many updates, i have big issues with sticking with my quilling, my breaks become too long! I just get obsessed for a while and then i get sick of it... My last break was a year and a half... And that book is the first one i used as well, the ideas are so cute!