May 7, 2012

3D Quilling: Baby Girl

I hadn't made any tiny people for a little while, so Baby Girl was formed. 

Her body has the very standard quilled shape, so to make her a little different, I went to town with her hair. It was loads of fun putting her hair together then giving her a proper little hair cut.

baby girl

Baby Girl sits at 6cm (2.4in) tall. Her body and shoes are made with 6mm strips, her face and hands with 3mm, and her hair with loads of 1.5mm strips.

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  1. I love her curly hair! The colours you used make her look so 'girly'.

  2. i like it but i want to know more on how to make it !!

    1. Hi aashely- thanks for stopping by,and liking 'Baby Girl'. I most certainly plan on putting up a tutorial once i get a few more of my little characters up... so stay tuned! :D