May 4, 2012

3D Quilling: Fizzy Fish

Fizzy Fish came about from another slice of an idea from Inna's Creations, then a little bit more flare was added. At first Fizzy was going to be a type of goldfish, but she morphed into something different all together.

I experimented for the first time using two different coloured strips to see what the effect would be. You can sort of see where I've used orange and red for the dorsal fins on the side- and of course for her tail. Although it did make it a lot thicker, the added depth made it worth it.

I coated her with a clear lacquer, which gave her the same nice wet effect that was achieved with Salvador the Seal. 


Fizzy is quite long thanks to her luscious tail - 11cm (4.3in), while her body is only 3.5cm (1.4in) tall. She is made entirely from 6mm strips (with the exception of her lips which are 3mm). 

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  1. So cute! Love all your creations!
    (Thanks for linking to my blog).

  2. Thanks Inna! ... and no worries ;P