May 16, 2012

3D Quilling: Leon the Lion

How could I've gone so long without creating the King of the jungle?? Well, here is Leon, quirky eyes and all!

The basics of his body are pretty much the same as the other tiny animals I've made, but I wanted his mane to be the main feature. Thinking it was just going to be a simple 'fold the paper in a cool accordion style and stick', turned out to be a huge lesson in patience as I was reminded that straight things don't necessarily stick in an attractive way around round things. 

Lots of fiddling, cutting and re-styling later, Leon got his mane on. Grrrrr! 

Lion frontLion back

Leon stands at an adorable 2.5 cm (1in) tall. He is made using 6mm strips for his body, while his features were made with 3mm strips. His mane was made with a 2cm wide paper strip, folded accordion style, snipped with zig-zag shape scissors, and styled with a sort of fringing technique. 

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1 comment:

  1. Leon the lion was eventually dropped quite OK! And mistakes can always happen! We learn from the mistakes and every time we get better! I have many times started with one idea and ended quite differently. I adapt to the situation and also find a variety of solutions. I can not wait for your next pet!