May 18, 2012

3D Quilling: Pasta Pingüino

If you have seen the animated kids movie 'Surf's Up', you might know that this little Pingüino is a Macaroni penguin from Antarctica.

My husband and I were lucky enough to make a trip to the Antarctica and seeing one of these guys was definitely on my must see list. On our last day, we randomly saw a single solitary Macaroni penguin hanging out in a rookery of at least 200 other penguins of a different kind. He'd taken a 800km wrong turn somewhere... whoops!
To make Pasta Pingüino here, required a little bit of wait... A LOT of snipping. His entire body is made using the fringing technique to give him a cute fluffed up look.
I love the double up I did on his eyes, as it gives him a more kooky, wonky, slightly crazy look- making me think of how bewildered the lost penguin I saw hanging out on his nest must have felt.


Pasta Pingüino waddles around 4cm (1.6in) tall. His body is made from 6mm strips (all fringed), while his arms, legs and eyes are made with 3mm strips.

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