May 11, 2012

3D Quilling: Salvador Seal

Salvador came about from wanting to see if I could take the basic shape I have been using for the other tiny animals and lengthen it. I have to say- it worked out just fine! 

Once the body had been molded into the long seal like shape, it was just a matter of shaping and placing the head just right, to give him the look of a seal who has just jumped out of the water and is sliding across an iceberg.

Being a somewhat glue-fingered quiller, this is the first time being a little bit messy has worked in my favour. The odd little glue stains turned nice and shiny under a coat of clear lacquer giving him a real slick, wet, sealy look.

Seal frontSeal back

Salvador the Seal is 3cm (1.2in) tall and 7cm (2.8in) long. He is made from 6 mm strips, while his tiny nose and eyes are made from 3mm strips. 

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  1. Dear Kurlikins, I accidentally noticed on the counter that my blog is visited by someone via your blog. Curiously open your blog and see why: you put my blog on your blog list! I am very grateful to you to promote my blog, but I am sorry because you're not left a comment for me. Please visit me again and do not be shy! :)))
    Big hug from Croatia

  2. Sorry, I was rude: I was not praised your work! Your miniatures are beautiful! I really like them. Owls are my favorite (if I need to sort out) :)))