May 14, 2012

3D Quilling: Sheepy Shazza

The fuzziest little sheep on the farm- almost ready to lose her locks in the annual shearing. 

Shazza definitely took a little longer to make than the other tiny animals, but it sure was fun watching her grow lock by lock into the fluffy sheep she is now. 
Each lock was made from a 5cm long strip, and starting from around her face, I made my way backwards until I encircled her tail and little behind. (which you can sort of see in the second photo).

Expecting that each of the locks was going to uncurl not long after positioning them, I was happily surprised that by placing them so they would uncurl onto the next lock- actually held them snugly in place. 

sheep front
sheep back

Shazza is only 2.5cm (1in) tall. The base of her body was made with 6mm strips, while the curls were made using 3mm strips. 

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  1. Sweet sheep! I like that each piece has a name. :)))

    1. Thanks! Try saying 'sweet sheep' 10 times fast ;D

    2. I tried! I stumbled my tongue¨:)))