May 29, 2012

Pucca and Garu

It seems like the merchandising world has gone crazy with this cute little Korean character- Pucca! After seeing everything from bags, plush toys to every type of stationary available decorated with Pucca's adorable face, I knew I had to make her out of paper.

If you aren't familiar with this character, Pucca comes from a simple flash animated TV show. She is the 10 year old daughter of three noodle house owners in a small village in the South Korean mountains. In pretty much every episode, Pucca hilariously tries to conspire ways to steal a kiss from her 12 year old ninja love interest- Garu. When this doesn't happen, different competitions and combats are fought between them, with Pucca usually beating him.

Making Pucca and Garu was very straight forward, using all the usual 3D Quilling techniques. I used a hole punch to make Pucca's rosy cheeks, and had many attempts at free-style cutting out Garu's heart.

Pucca stands at 3.5 cm tall, and the hair on Garu make him a little taller at 4.5cm. Both of their bodies were made with 6mm strips, while the rest of them were made with 3mm strips. A tiny bit of fringing was used to make Garu's cool hair-do.  

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  1. Beautiful! You are very skilful in the facial expressions!

    1. Thanks! I think i'm starting to get the hang of how faces can work with 3D quilling.

  2. Stinky version of garu and pucca