June 7, 2012

Star Wars

Ok, so time for a full disclosure: I have never watched a complete Star Wars movie, from start to finish... There, I have said it. Phew! Glad to get that off my chest. I am however familiar with the story line, and of course I love how crazy different, and incredibly cool the characters are.

These guys were super fun to make with each character giving me its own set of challenges. 

By far Princess Leia (4cm/ 1.6in) was the most straight forward and simple to make. Her body and head followed all the basic 3D quilling techniques. I layered up the paper a little to give a more textured look to her fringe (bangs). 

Chewbacca (6cm/2.4in), as you can imagine took a little longer due to the large amount of fringing that needed to be done. I made the basic body shape before wrapping him in his 'fur'. As he has quite a big head (in comparison to his body) he took a little persuasion to get standing on his own. Flaying out the fringing around his feet helped in stabilizing him.

Darth Vader (5.5cm/ 2.2in), although seeming straight forward, gave me a few little difficulties. Getting his helmet to sit up and not cover his face took some patience. I ended up propping his helmet on a little tight coil, with the patience needed for it to dry securly before releasing it. 

Then there is Yoda (3.5cm/1.4in). How incredibly cute is he?! I tried out a few new techniques with him, 
particularly in making his eyes. Although it is a little difficult to see in the picture, I have layered up his eye lids (similar to what I did to Princess Leia's hair) to give them a wrinkly look. Figuring out how to get his hooded robe fitting perfectly took a number of tries. Although it doesn't show up in the photo- he has a hood behind his head.
All of the characters were made with a mixture of 6mm and 3mm strips. 

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  1. WOW....what a fantastic job you did on quilling these cuties. I have to confess too of not seeing a Star Wars movie from start to finish.

    your descriptions were spot on too...
    awesome all around!!


  2. Unbelievable! You surprise me every time! I can not wait for new characters!

  3. Loving your Blog!!! New Follower and Subscriber here...heheh..I'll def. be stalking you...:)
    Quilled Hugs!

    1. Thanks heaps!! I loved being stalked ;P

  4. Lorissa HJuly 09, 2012

    These are fantastic!! I got into quilling when I was recovering from a broken hip at 15 (not allowed to climb trees anymore!) but didn't have the patience to make anything nearly as beautiful as your creations! I was wondering if you sell these or are they just for us to admire with green eyes? :)

  5. Up till this day, I still like Star Wars better than any other movies. But your 3D quills makes it even more fonder to me. Awesome!