July 16, 2012

Calvin and Hobbs

Who doesn't love this cute little 6 year old boy Calvin, and his stuffed tiger Hobbs?? If you're like me, you would have loved the crazy adventures these two would get up to, and always wish you had such a cool 'imaginary' friend to hang out with.

The greatest challenge in making these two, was getting Calvin looking right. Seeing that they come from a drawn comic strip, done by a fantastic illustrator made it really difficult to do it justice. I tried a little something new with Calvin's eyes, mainly to give him more of a crazy, loco, hyper look.

Making the little wagon for Hobbs was fun- it meant I only had to make half of Hobbs body!! I may see what other modes of transport I can use these techniques for in the future. 

Calvin stands at 4cm (1.6in) high, while Hobbs is a little taller at 5cm (2in). Again, like all my Kurlikins, they are made with a mixture of 6mm and 3mm strips. 

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  1. Great! Calvin really have crazy eyes look! :)

    1. Hahaha! A little too crazy perhaps?

  2. there sooo adorable, love them!!!!

  3. Hey,

    I know you wont believe it if I say that Im a huge fan of your work...I have been following and seeing your post on my cellphone, but didnt get the time to comment...sorry for that...

    so let me start:
    -love the way calvin is slouching...and love the little wagon wheels...
    -powerpuff girls were adorable...right out of cartoon network...
    -Facebook monsters have to be my fav...OMG!!! I cant decide which one I like more....

    1. I totally understand following a blog and not always leaving a comment. That's why it is soo appreciated when people do- so thank you! I am so glad you enjoy my little creations. Like you, I still can't decide which monster I like more! :D

  4. Your creations are fantastic! I was googling for a lion and I found your blog. I just adore them and I hope I will have time to try to quill some for myself :D