August 27, 2012

Monsters Inc. in 3D Paper Quilling

Ahh, one of the greats to come out of the Pixar studio- Monster's Inc. This little project was most certainly the challenge that I wasn't expecting.

Monsters Inc.

Mike (6.5cm/2.5in eyeball with legs) was pretty straight forward to make, as was the sweet little Boo(5cm/2in). Sully however, (the crazy blue monster) was a whole other story...

Sully was literally a 'monster' to make! He absolutely towers over all my other minikins standing at a whopping 11cm (4.3in). Ontop of his height, Sully also needed to have a nice size to him. To do this, I made a good solid base underneath, before I covered him in his fur. After all the hand snipping/fringing I did to give Sully his fur, it may be time to invest in a proper fringer perhaps??

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  1. Sonia ByrnesAugust 27, 2012

    How cute is Boo?! These are fantastic!!

  2. You are clearly the 3D quilling queen!

    no one does it better than you!!!

  3. who is the artist who has made these can I ask?

    1. That would be me! My name is Angela and I have made everything that you find here on the Kurlikins site from scratch! Enjoy!

  4. Wow Angela!! methinks you must have designed the original character!! You are indeed the 3D character queen.

  5. I love your quilling.Please give us how to make videos also

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