September 10, 2012

Cookie Monster and Elmo

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Me love Cookies!  nom nom nom nom....

An introduction probably isn't necessary, but here are two of the greats (not to mention cutest) of the Sesame Street monsters: Elmo and Cookie Monster!

Cookie monster and Elmo

Cookie monster was a commissioned piece from a fan who knew it would make the perfect gift for a friend who was leaving the country. I'm super pleased with how he turned out, and I must admit, it was a little hard to wrap him up and send him off! I'm not sure if he can be any cuter!

Once cookie was made, Elmo was the next logical choice of monster to make. Following the same basic design as the cookie monster, he came together quite quickly. His mouth is slightly moveable to let him have a laugh when being tickled!

Both the monsters are around 4cm (1.5 in) tall. Cookie monster is a little bit taller. Both are made using 10mm strips, all fringed by hand- so loads of snipping!

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  1. Fortunately there are lots of cartoons and characters, and you'll get us a long time to marvel. All the characters so far have shown exactly as it should be! Keep it up!

  2. very cute! it must be a lot of hardwork fringing the strips...

  3. These two little guys are so adorable and funny! Really love all your miniatures! Great work!

    Happy Quilling!

  4. The blend of arts and crafts is really amazing. One can't believe that these are all handmade. Superb finishing touch also...