September 17, 2012

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I've always had a soft spot for little Goldilocks. I mean who doesn't want a comfy chair, yummy warm porridge or a comfy bed to sleep in? I know I do!!

Goldilocks and the three bears

So here is the Kurlikin's 3D paper quilling version of the our girl Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

All four characters have been made in the same style, all using only 3mm sized strips. The only real difference is the eyes I used for Goldilocks were inspired by the Powerpuff girls I made a while back. 

Papa bear is the tallest of the four, standing at 4.5cms (1.7in) all the way down to Goldilocks and baby bear who are around 3.5 cm (1.4in) tall. 

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  1. Love these little darlings. Keep them coming....I look forward to each and every post.

  2. awww there so adorable, your so creative!!!!

  3. I love how you have brought quilling up todate by doing these modern characters and monsters.
    I am sure children would love these. I myself love Elmo, who could resist him!

    1. PS would love to see you post again on Creative quilling forum!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! Your feedback is always muchly appreciated!