September 3, 2012

Teeny Tiny Paper Devil

Let me introduce you to my teeny tiny paper devil. He looks way too cute to be getting up to any mischief!

Little devil

After a few weeks of huge projects with tons of snipping, I wanted to do something that was both quick and easy for anyone to do. So, using only the most basic techniques, it was surprising how straight forward this little guys was to put together. The most difficult part was getting his horns to play nice and curve the way I wanted. 

His ears are circles that have been squished into triangles, and his arms are simple little peg rolls. I made his feet using little teardrop shapes, and the teeniest little bit of fringing for his tail. I was going to leave the natural hole of the circle for his little belly button, but his little 'outtie' is just way too cute!

This little guy is 3cm (almost 1.5in) tall. He is made with only 3mm strips. 

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