September 24, 2012

The Fairy Girls

Move over Spice Girls, the 3D paper quilled Fairy Girls are in town!!

Fairy girls

These sweet little girls were a bit of an experiment to see if making 5 of essentially the same shaped character- each with a touch of its own uniqueness was faster than making them individually. Nope, still took about the same amount of time, but it was cool watching them come together bit by bit. 

Very simple 3D quilling shapes were used with these girls. A simple dome for the body, and 2 discs make up the head. Seeing that I hand cut all my strips, it was no problem cutting larger strips to make the arms and legs.

It was fun coming up with new and fun hairstyles for these girls. If only hair in real life could be cut and styled so easily and with all the fun colours. 

Each of the girls bodies are made exactly the same and stand at 6cm (2.4in). Aside from their limbs, they are made from 3mm strips.

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  1. as usual, you never disappoint. These Fairy Girls are adorable. I love the facial expressions and of course, the hair too.

  2. there all so adorable love there hair!!!!