October 22, 2012

Quick 3D Quilling Project- With Instructions!

A bit of a silly, quick and easy little 3D quilling project: the ABCD's: Ant, Bee, Cat and Dog! 


As you can see, each of these little sweeties are made using the exact same body shape- the easiest and most basic of the 3D Quilling techniques- the dome. 

Each dome was made using 15, 3mm sized strips,rolled into a tight coil, then gently pushed out. Once the dome was made and glued, I made another tight coil using (maybe?) 13 strips- just so it was a little smaller to fit snugly inside the dome. From here I stuck on 2 tiny feet- using 1 strip- at the front to make them sit up a little.

The eyes were made using 3 strips,with half a strip of black to make the outer edge. The pupil's were made with a trusty old hole punch. 

All sit at about 2.5cm (1in). The basic shape of these little guys is so versatile, ready to be made into anything- just add the embellishments! The possibilities are endless!

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