April 8, 2013

Fire Fairy in 3D Quilling

I haven't made a fairy in a little while, and wanted to make something that was pretty straight forward, so here she is: Fire Fairy!

3D paper quilling miniature fire fairy

By saying she way straight forward, doesn't mean she was a quick one to make. Seeing that she was ALL about the hair- this is what took the longest time, making and setting it right. 

The basic shapes that were used as are follows:
Head- 2 flat discs 'popped out' a little to make it rounded. 
Body- simple cone
Arm sleeves- cones that are squashed a little so they fit to the body nicely.
Hands- grape rolls that are squashed into teardrop shapes. 
Wings- Very simple husking like what was done for Tinky Fairy

Fire Fairy is made from a combination of strip sizes. 6mm for the body, and 3mm (or there abouts) for everything else. She is a cute little 5cm tall. 

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  1. Wow ! The fairy looks cute .Loved the way you have done her hairs !

  2. she's adorable, love her hair, looks like the hair would be hard to do!!

  3. She looks absolutely charming. More angelic than fairy like. May I suggest that you try my butterfly wing leaf on your next fairy and see how she looks.

  4. Each of your creations is so unique and perfect! Love the fairy.

    I would love to have you visit my blog Thrilling Quilling


  5. You make the most beautiful minis!