May 17, 2013

3D Quilling: Space Dude

In celebration of Canadian Astronaut, Col. Chris Hadfield's epic journey and safe return to planet Earth...and to stop the pestering of my uber space enthused sister to make something spacey; Kurlikins proudly presents: Space Dude! 

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Space dude looked a little lonesome standing on his own, so I made a little scene to go with him- a first for Kurlikins!

As far as 3D quilling goes, he was pretty straight forward for me to put him together, although there was a little coaxing to get his helmet looking right. Most of the work in this piece went into the detail and the moon. 

Making the moon was a little paper feat all to itself. A whopping 3 meters (almost 10 feet) of paper strips were used.... and that was only to make a moon with a diameter of around 8 cm (3.1 in)

A massive shout out and thanks to Col. Chris Hadfield for sharing his inspiring 'out-of-this-world' adventure with us earthlings! 

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  1. He's super cute, Angela! And those alien eyes really made me laugh :D

    Woooow... Must be really tricky to keep the tight coil while rolling 3 meters of paper strips! Well done!

    Thank you for sharing! :)
    Happy Quilling!

  2. thinking the same thing Zoe, he is so cute !!!

  3. I love your Space Dude....he is so adorable. The helmet looks PERFECT so the coaxing was worth it. I can appreciate how hard it is to make the scene that goes with him. I make scenes myself and they can be challenging to get just right.

    And as a fellow is another shout out to Col. Chris Hadfield and all of his wonderful tweets and images from space. I loved following it so I am glad your sister put the bug in you.

  4. wow, he's so lovely ! All your blog is amazing *o*