June 4, 2013

LittleBig Planet's: Sackboy

How super cute is this little avatar from the Wii game- LittleBig Planet! The original Sackboy is apparently made from sackcloth, stuffed with fluff and (believe it or not) Icecream! This Kurlikins version however, is made from... you guessed it- 100% paper!

3D quilling Sack Boy Little Big Planet

After doing a little reading on these adorable characters, it turns out that all the Sackpeople that you meet going through the different worlds are 8cm tall. This makes it a first for Kurlikins- making a character life size! (or maybe just a little bit smaller).

In making Sackboy, the basics of 3D quilling were used. Simple dome shapes to create the head, and cone shapes to make the body and limbs. Because he is quite little in size, only 3mm strips were used.

Tiny strips of grey were used for the detailing- making the zipper and to show the stitching around the head. Like with all 3D quilling, using minimal glue applied with something like a toothpick really helps out getting the teensy tiny bits of paper stuck where you want it to go. 

Have you played LittleBig Planet? What dress up do you like your Sackperson in?

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    1. AnonymousJune 26, 2013

      i know i wish i could live the life of a sackboy

  2. Wow another awesome creation !!