June 13, 2013

State Emergency Service Man

Here in Australia, we have whats called the SES (State Emergency Service). It is an emergency and rescue service that is dedicated to assisting the community and is made up mostly by volunteers. My brother recently completed his training, and has now joined the ranks of those awesome volunteers! So for his birthday, I decided to show him how proud I am by creating a one of a kind SES man!

SES 3D quilling rescue man

Getting the proportions right on this little guy was pretty important. I started by making the head, and working my onward from there.

Fitting the helmet took a little working around. The dome shapes of the head needed to fit snugly inside the helmet. With a load of re-positioning and filling the gaps up with hair- his helmet sits back off his head a little, which I think is pretty cute. I would love to say that the helmet was removable, but considering the dangerous situations these volunteers put themselves into- It worked better if it stayed stuck on!

SES man was made with a variety of strip sizes- 6mm, 3mm, 1.5mm... whatever detail I was after, determined what size strip I needed to cut. The letters of S.E.S were also hand cut out.

This little guy stands at an adorable 7cm / 2.7" tall.

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  1. Awwww!! Where was he when my place flooded in Melbourne Moomba weekend in 2010?

    1. The poor little guys would have disintegrated in the flood waters.... one of the disadvantages of being made from paper.

  2. Wow ! Its cute and wonderful.

  3. awww so adorable, what a great gift to give him, I'm sure he loved it !!!!

  4. That is amazing! Its fabulous he must have loved it !!!