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Welcome to Kurlikins!

My name is Angela, and I stumbled into quilling while living and travelling around South America. Although quilling is relatively non existent in the countries I traveled, my love affair with paper, and the fact that it was easily transportable in my backpack, lead me to learn and explore this ancient art. 

Learning the basics from websites and blogs, I have taken the traditional methods of quilling with thin paper strips, and made them into 3D miniatures- which I like to call: Minikins.

All the minikins you'll find on this site are made from 99.9% 'kurled' hand cut paper, and 0.1% glue. Using the basic techniques of paper quilling, the minikins are built,  molded, sculptured and sometimes scolded into life.
So, if you're keen on trying something new with paper quilling, looking for a little inspiration, or just enjoy looking at cute little paper miniatures- you've come to the right place!
Join me as I explore the world of 3D quilling and see just how cute these minikins can be!
Feel free to leave a comment, or email me with ideas on what to make next!

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  1. Love love love - you have given me soooo many ideas i just dont know where to start (well apart from buying the paper first)

  2. Angela, you have a really great collection. I too have tried paper quilling. I would love to know what are the tools you use.

  3. Angela, I have explored quilling a lot and have visited a lot of blogs but your work is unique and one of a kind. Keep up the good work!